sábado, 1 de fevereiro de 2014

"TOP 10 situações mais perigosas que as pessoas fazem com o Smartphone"

  1. No password – up to 62% of smartphone owners don’t password-protect their device.
  2. Auto sign-in for banking and financial services
  3. Take, send and store nude photos on their device
  4. Click on links in fraudulent emails
  5. Post photos online while on vacation – burglars love this.
  6. Post photos online without turning off location settings – another burglars’ favorite.
  7. Share personal data with fraudsters – who call pretending to be from their bank.
  8. Sport a naked smartphone – that case can protect your device if it accidentally drops.
  9. Connect to unsecure wireless networks
  10. No smartphone insurance

in "Intomobile", Jan. 2013

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